shoutout to me for still not having my driver’s license


"There’s nothing wrong with fairytales. Everyone ends up happily ever after."

Gillian Jacobs - Tribeca Film Festival Portrait - 2014

Anonymous asked: A fic where Britta's awful taste in guys means that she ends up in an abusive relationship and jeff rescues her uwu

that would be kinda awful because nobody hurts my bb britta, and she doesn’t need a man to rescue her. but then again i love angsty fics, so… yeah!

Anonymous asked: was... was community's latest episode the finale? PLZ NO I WILL CRY are we gonna have to suffer thrugh a jeff/annie season???

sadly yes. i’ll probably end up ignoring most of season 6, if there’s one…

Anonymous asked: you should listen to the song you, your cat & me by frank hamilton because it's so totally jeff/britta like wow

yes, it is!

and left there to burn in their arrogance

Anonymous asked: J/B side of the fandom has been pretty dead since the finale. It kind of sucks.

everyone is in mourning

i have gifsets planned but i don’t feel like making them right now because it would just make me angry/sad


whoops made a jeff/britta video


Jeff + Britta: Season 5