My converse & Amsterdam

Anonymous asked: Soooo did Jeff & britta just like break up or something? I'm so confused. And disappointed

bickered, called off the wedding, then high-fived


Anonymous asked: i haven't liked any of season 5 very much but this episode really sealed it for me

It’s useless, the show just keeps on going downhill

Anonymous asked: it was REALLY disgusting of them to make the plot basically j/b or greendale though as if the two can't even coexist at all

exactly! because what, the only reality where JB can be together is one where it’s basically the end of the world (for greendale)?

Anonymous asked: i mean in a way i think both parts of the finale were meant to satisfy both ships. both end on more or less romantic notes. idk i just think the triangle aspects of both parts were only meant to kill two birds with one finale to satisfy shippers but what really matters is that greendale is a family and is saved. i will admit i am really sick and emotionally exhausted of the continuation of the triangle though it's ridiculous

I mean clearly the way to satisfy JB shippers is to say they don’t work together

really the only shippers they care about are the JA ones because they’re more vocal and it’s the “popular ship”, they’d lose so many viewers if JB had gotten married

still mad though

i’m on the train to vantaa now and everyone else is buying beer at 9:30 am, i’m the only one who bought soda

considering turning to alcohol, though

i’ll be online for a bit but when i get to vantaa i’ll catch the bus to the airport and then the plane to netherlands, where i can clear my head of that finale

i’ll see you on tuesday!

Anonymous asked: So. Thoughts?

the actual worst

not even just the ship stuff, but overall a clusterfuck of an episode

and way to make abed/annie bash j/b, lovely. so lovely

Anonymous asked: What kind of fucking bullshit was that episode

we are NOT acknowledging it

Anonymous asked: That episode of Community was just really off. Especially Britta and Jeff. And I'm getting tired of the love triangle. Ugh. I totally get you though. Lets pretend this episode never happened. *Hugs*

yes, agreed! the actual worst

At least we’ll have each other.
Till death do us part.